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Cosmetic Knowledge …

If you love hauls, first impression, looks and much more- you’ll feel right at home through my blog.  Everything from tips, latest styles and cosmetics will be there. My name is Erykah and I am 30 years old a graduate from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry. Soy Dominicana!! So you know I bring all the spice to the game & I am a freelance makeup artist by day and a makeup trend stalker by night.

Many of you ask why a blog, I mean why not a blog.  We live in a century were everything is online and with a blog I am able to reach everyone. Many of the tutorial and passages you’ll be reading and witnessing are modern influential and essential looks that mirror your everyday girl to your glitz and glamour dream girl. Every girl is gorgeous and through my blog we will discover different pallets and shades that cater to you.

Make up is not something I feel in love with overnight as a hobby.  For years I have been dreaming to create a blog and share things that have been working for me in my career. Unfortunately because of fear of rejection I postponed it but now I more ready then every- ready to take you on this humble, wild ass, no filter journey.