Where have I been

Sadly, with life, I have been busy more than I count. I have been working my rear end off and also getting ready for school since I enrolled again for another degree. I am out of ideas on what I should do since I never have the time and feel like it wont match up to those who already do it.

How do bloggers find the time to do this because I am having a hard time doing this, working, school, and much more. All even though it is something that I want to do so bad. I also want to get into pictures, well-taking photos with the new camera Canon Rebel t6. Got it and fell in love with it but the camera is not the latest, but it is impressive to me at least.

Blogging is so hard when you get into the state of mind where you compare yourself to everyone else, but then there is no way not to think or even get out your mind for this. If you have any ideas, please comment, and so I can see because I am having trouble with it all.

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