Traveling with Makeup

When we travel, we always want to take everything with us because we are away from home. For that reason, we still have a disorganized mess of things. We always end up taking more than we need taking up space for no reason. The complete guide to travel in style and very organized so that we don’t take up to much room in our luggage. The first thing we need is our primer, which is the layer between our skin and the makeup. We need to have both eye and face primers. Next is our foundation if we are going somewhere sunny we have to make sure to take both our natural color and our tan color. Once we have that, then we need a blush color that matches with everything we are going to be wearing, so like that, we do not have to take various colors.WhatsApp Image 2019-06-01 at 11.34.33 PM (2)

After the blush we want to get our concealer and bronzer for our face this would help with any problems we may come across like blemishes, etc. Once that is collected, we need our highlighter to make sure it is a lighter shade and still in your same undertone. They say eyebrows shape our entire bool, so it’s a must to bring our eyebrow pencil or pomade. Assuring the color is correct or lighter than your shade. Since by this time packing we should have all our outfits, we then can pick our eye-shadow palette with all the colors that you would need on your vacation. Remember the mascara to bring out our lashes. The second to last item we should take is our lipstick. Best suggestion would be two colors wither liquid, stain or matte finish. Last but not least we can not forget our brushes, they help us apply everything we need making them our tools. These are the staple items when you go to vacation.

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