Characteristics of a Makeup Artist



This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

Positive Attitude

  • Adaptability
  • Organized
  • Professional Manners
  • Time Management
  • Great Listener
  • Well Under Pressure
  • Neat, Patience
  • Professional Appearance and Well Groomed
  • Commit to doing your best

Positive attitude someone who has a positive outlook on life and people enjoy being around them. A makeup artist keeps negative statement minimal or to themselves.

Adaptability being able to work in various conditions such as (no light, low light, small areas and more)

Organized while working, neat, regularly cleaning your tools, know where the items are. Keep appointments and organize bookkeeping.

Professional Manner when it comes to clients, to be honest, and have integrity. Professionally conduct yourself with no profane language, cell phone etiquette, and much more.

Time Management to practice, which makes us more skilled, the ability to multitask while working.

A great listener can hear and understand what the clients wants and needs.

Works well under pressure being able to adapt and get the job done with a countdown or client pressuring to finish.

Neat and patience, keep everything in its place and patience when clients move around.

Professional appearance and well groomed; to dress appropriately, pull hair back, wash hands, no gum get mints instead.

Commit to doing your best; remember that the world judges your work. Your client is your canvas and carries a part of you as an artist.

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