Highlighters from Juvia’s Place

PHOTO-2019-04-28-20-06-09A very upcoming brand that is very vibrant when it comes to their work is Juvia’s Place. They are highly pigmented essential colors of life that take you from office to the Caribbean island.  I can relate because I am from the Dominican Republic and understand the vibrant colors they are trying to capture.  For those who never been to a Caribbean island image friendly people, music and the smell of fantastic food.  This type of feeling is what we get when we look at everything Juvia’s Place offers.  They just came out with amazing highlighters to bring out the parts of our face, body or eyes that we want to make standout when doing our makeup. 

Below is a swatch of the three colors, from top to bottom. (Nubian Nabia, Royalty ll, and Royalty l.



OMG, the pigmentation is impressive right dolls? Each one is 8 grams, and they come with a container that has little holes so that we do not spill the whole thing trying to get a pitch for our faces. All of them are pearled colors, so that reflects off the sunlight or light.  Nubian Nabia is a brown bronzed color, I would recommend for darker tone skins. Royalty ll is more champagne with reflections of god while Royalty l is more of a copper color, which I would recommend for all skin types from fair to dark.

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