Revamping my image and getting my mind straight has been a long battle.  My perfectionist side has been a hard battle because you tend to compare yourself to others that it makes you fearful that the work you going to put out would not be as good. I learned over the time, i have to love my own work and be okay with whatever comes my way.

We are going to talk all things cosmetic, natural hair, DIY’s projects and everyday battles that anyone can go through. The roses are not always at a perfect bloom. I do promise as a blogger i will always state the pure truth and while you get to know me and hope you get my type of personality. Completely staying true to myself and my readers.

I will post at least two times a week about any given subject, give me feed back let me know if these are things you want to talk more about. The world is so large; hope to make an impact. Thanks again dolls 🙂

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