Tips For Everyday Makeup

  1.  To save time mix primer with foundation.
  2. Use eyeshadow on top of eyeliner or even alone on your eyelash line.
  3. Only apply blush to apples of cheeks.
  4. Use translucent powder to seal in the foundation and concealer then place on blush.
  5. Stop pencil eyeliner from smudging by applying powder shadow over the pencil to set it in.
  6. If you have a lot of undereye circles do not line the bottom on your eyes.
  7. DO NOT MATCH foundation to neck.
  8. Match overall body tone not just face with getting a foundation.
  9. Moisturize and prime before putting on BB Cream/ Foundation.
  10. For concealers us 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation.
  11. Do not conceal undereye without using corrector.
  12. Set everything with setting powder, not foundation powder.
  13. Highlight points of cheek, nose and cupid bow.
  14. Do not highlight the apple of your cheeks.
  15. Do not put blush below apples of the cheek.

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