DIY Acrylic/Plastic Drawers

Ever wanted to keep all your makeup and items very organized but every time you saw the acrylic/plastic drawers they were like 20 bucks and higher and you were just not able to pay for that and still now have enough for your other items. Well, O-M-G finally the Dollar Tree has come out with some and you can set it up yourself the way you would like it instead those that already come pre-made. Below would be the steps that I used to make my three stack drawer.

Step One: Go to your local Dollar tree and get the Essentials Stack able Organizing Drawers. (They also have vanity ones for lipsticks and brushes) I only got the drawers for the moment; Also purchase shelf liner of the color you choose they also have this in the Dollar Tree. You would have to get the E6000 industrial strength adhesive clue, also can use a hot glue gun or even superglue. I leave it up to you.


Step Two: With the shelf liner of your choice, cut 4 x 4 ½ squares so that it fits inside of the drawer to keep everything clean.

image1 (1).JPG

Step Three: Unwrap all the Essentials stack able organizing drawers. To not mix them up on how to stack them I look the drawers out, that is up to you if you want to do it. Begin to arrange how you want it to be stocked up and how many. Underneath you will see and feel the ridges that tell you which side to stack them up. In the picture below I put an x where you need to place the adhesive so that they can stick together.

Step Four: Once the adhesive is in the correct spots then you will place it on top of each other. Make sure that you place it facing up with the ridges downwards so that your draws open upright. You have to line them up and make sure they are all straight.

Step Five: Let sit overnight so that the adhesive has dried all the way. Then in the drawers place the 4 x 4 ½ squares inside and put the drawer in.

NOWWW BAMMMMM WHATTTT. You completed your own acrylic/plastic drawer yourself for less than 5 dollars, depending on how many pieces you purchased.

Below is the finished results, you could dress it up how you want by adding rhinestones and jewels but for right now I like mines plan to match the others I have.


I hope you loved this DIY, let me know how yours goes.

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